Foil wastes

Foil wastes

Recycled plastic materials

Recycled plastic materials

friedola®TECH – Plastic Recycling

Innovative from the plastic production scrap to raw material – Conserve nature

We offer our industrial pre-suppliers a reliable recycling method of scrap, surplus and reject production into qualified material recycling. Highly qualified secondary raw materials are regenerated out of packaging foils and other industrial applications for plastic.
KWL is a certified waste management facility with enviromental audit according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Professional disposal by:

  • expert advice on-site
  • motor pool with press and special containers
  • reliable logistics buisness partners
  • printing pattern protection guarantee for packagings, foils and cutting rolls

Mainly, we directly receive the residual materials from the foil industry. After delivery, they are at first presorted, then shredded and pelleted.

Our production profile:
Controlled identifying and recording of preliminary unmixed materials is the key to a high-quality recyclate. Our competence and engineering guarantee you material reprocessing on the highest level. State-of-the-art inline technology guarantees a constant level of quality.

Further processing to:
High-quality recycled plastic materials and compounds, modified mixed plastic materials, as well as foil pellets and regrinds that can be further processed. Recyclate compounds are produced out of the unprinted qualities by adding additives and colour batches. Those are required for the production of injection moulded parts at the highest level of quality.

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